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SkinGen Regular Vs SkinGen ICE IPL Laser Device: Which One Should I Buy?

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Which One Should I Buy?

SkinGen recently launched its ICE IPL Laser Device and the most common question that we got from our customers was: what is the difference between the two?

The SkinGen Regular Device has been loved and is trusted by many customers as their go-to method for permanent hair removal. So what was the point of introducing a new device when the regular one was doing so great?

Well, you need not to worry as we will clear away all your queries about SkinGen Regular Vs ICE IPL in this article as we will be discussing the difference between the SkinGen Regular and SkinGen ICE IPL Laser Device! 

But before we dive into the differences of both the devices, let us have a quick overview of the features of both the devices. Also, we will compare the benefits of both devices so you can get an answer to the question: Which one is for me?

What’s Difference? 

Features of The SkinGen Regular Vs ICE IPL  

Strong ICING Effect

Although laser is not even close to the pain of waxing, there is still a sensation that can vary for each individual. For people whose skin has low tolerance, it can be similar to the zap of a rubber band which might not be as pleasant.  

To eliminate any likely pain from the device, we are now introducing the ice cool feature to make it an entirely pleasant experience for you. Just as the device flashes on the target area, the skin is immediately cooled down by the cooling plate. The laser will likely heat the skin, and the ICECOOL cancels it out, so you feel nothing. But in reality, the device just destroyed thousands of your hair follicles!



Replacement Heads in ICE IPL Laser Device

The one feature that our team is most excited about introducing(after the ICECOOL, of course) is the replacement heads. Our Regular SkinGen IPL Laser Device has a single head to treat all the areas. But behold, the new device now comes with two replacement heads!

The two replacement modes are: 

  1. Lip mode
  2. SR mode

The smaller head is ideal for dealing with small, sensitive areas of the skin, like your upper lips and facial hair. As these areas require precision to target each small hair, the lip mode is specially designed to cater to this. 

On the other hand, the SR mode works efficiently to remove hair permanently from the larger skin areas like arms and legs. It comes with a larger head so that more hair follicles are targeted in less time. 


Larger flash window 

Since we were introducing a new device, our team thought, why not make it better in every way we can? Hence, the Premium SkinGen ICE IPL laser device will feature a larger flash window. 

Although our old device is just as effective, the larger size means that the device can reach a maximum energy of up to 20 J. In laser hair removal, the higher the energy, the more effective the treatment session is. 


Spin button 

To keep up with the modern design and functionalities of at-home laser devices, the new SkinGen ICE IPL laser machine comes with a five-gear spin button. Instead of pressing the button repeatedly to increase the energy level, you can spin the button. 

This might sound like a standard feature but trust us when we say that using the device will now be easier than ever for you! in the quest of SkinGen Regular Vs ICE IPL.  You can switch between energy without any hassle by using the spin button. 

Features of the Regular SkinGen IPL Laser Device

999,999 Flashes

This is the number of times the device can emit flashes. The SkinGen permanent hair removal is upgraded to the latest technology. Where other devices have a lower number of flashes, this one comes with 999,999 flashes, which is currently the highest value for any IPL device.

So, you will never need a replacement for your precious SkinGen device. The device is built with the idea that the flashes can last for a lifetime, so you will never have to invest in a hair removal device again.

Adjustable energy levels

SkinGen understands that not everyone has the same skin texture and hair growth, so the tolerance for each skin also varies. For some, waxing or shaving might not be as painful, but for others, it can be a nightmare. 

To save you from this, SkinGen comes with eight different energy levels that can be adjusted according to your skin’s tolerance. This is to ensure you receive an easy-to-use and painless treatment without doing any damage to your skin. The LED light on the device indicated the energy level. 


Variable Modes

To deal with different parts of the skin, the SkinGen hair removal device has two different modes:

  • Automatic Mode

A long press can activate the automatic mode or sliding mode. The long-press releases burron, so the flash is continuous and steady. This mode is effective for larger areas of skin like your arms and legs

  • Manual Mode

For smaller parts of the body that require precision, the SkinGen device comes with manual mode. With manual mode, you can remove hair selectively and freely from your skin. To activate the manual mode, you have to press the flash key once, and the device flashes one. The mode works effectively for smaller areas like the face or underarms.

Switchable Energy Levels

You can choose from the lowest(1) to the highest energy level(upgrade from 5 to 8). It is important to ensure that you choose the level according to the needs of your skin. The higher the level, the greater strength is applied, and hair removal is done more effectively. However, for first use, it is recommended for users to start with level 1. 

You can switch from the manual to automatic mode after pressing the flash button for three seconds. The SkinGen hair removal device is gentle on the skin. You might feel a little heat, but the process is nearly painless. 

A single button controls the power(on or off) and setting, making it simple for users. An indicator shows the intensity level on which you are. This minimises the chances of making any mistakes. 

What’s Same In Regular and ICE IPL Laser Device?

IPL technology

Both the SkinGen hair removal devices are designed by a team of professionals to ensure that users receive a safe-to-use device. The IPL technology has been included in the device safely and effectively. 

This makes SkinGen devices easy and safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about exposing your skin to laser or light. In contrast to regular shaving, plucking, or waxing, this device will change your life. 

It is convenient and straightforward to use, and also, with time, you will see a visible change in your hair growth. The SkinGen permanent hair removal device will leave you with soft and smooth skin after each use.

Permanent results

Shaving and waxing are known to be temporary solutions to hair removal, and frequent trips to the salon are always not pleasant. So, how about a device that you can use within the comfort of your home? This is where the SkinGen device steps in and saves the day for you. 

It is safe to use and also, unlike other methods, it is much quicker, so you don’t have to sit for hours. It targets the hair on your skin and the hair growth cycle resulting in stunted hair growth after a few weeks of use. Although hair growth varies for individuals, it is recommended that you use the device for at least eight weeks to ensure that the hair is removed effectively during the growth period.


Comparing the Benefits 

What You’ll Get With Both?

Convenient and easy to use

The most significant benefit of having a laser machine is that it is simple, quick, and convenient.

No more salon appointments needed for IPL hair removal. Experience hassle-free, at-home hair removal with our convenient solution.

Achieve at-home convenience and safety with SkinGen IPL laser devices, ideal during the pandemic when staying home is paramount.

You can focus on the specific areas of your skin. Instead of relying on some professional to do it for you. Also, you can customise the process according to your liking. The ergonomic design of the device means you can be highly precise on the smaller areas of the skin.

Moreover, there is more to IPL laser machines than just hair removal. They also help in the rejuvenation of your skin. Simply follow the instructions on the manual, and you will be in for some amazing results. 

Safe to use 

Our device comes with special safety measures to ensure that the process is entirely safe for you at home. The device doesn’t emit any flash until your skin is in contact. This feature is essential in any at-home laser to protect your eyes against laser exposure. 

We have also included a pair of safety goggles in the box for the maximum safety of our beloved customers! 

The device is highly-functional and designed in a manner that both beginners and professionals can use with ease. So, even if you are just starting off with your laser hair removal journey, you need not to be nervous. The SkinGen laser hair removal device will make your first experience a breeze without seeking professional assistance. 

But Is There Any Difference in Benefits? 

Benefits of the SkinGen Regular Device

Stunted hair regrowth 

As we are talking about SkinGen Regular Vs ICE IPL and mentioned before, hair removal methods like shaving and waxing.

Unlike temporary methods, SkinGen IPL laser ensures gradual, permanent reduction in hair regrowth, eliminating the need for frequent shaving.

With reduced hair growth, the number of treatments required will also decrease. The time between sessions will also increase as you effectively destroy the hair follicles in each IPL session. 

Initially, the laser treatment does not provide permanent hair removal as it does not give results overnight. Your hair grows in varying cycles, so it takes multiple sessions before you effectively zap each hair while it is the right stage of hair growth. So, even if hair regrowth does happen, you will notice that the hair regrown is lighter in color and less noticeable.



Well suited for coarse hair 

Thicker hair is more likely to get stuck under the skin and cause ingrown hair if pulled by the root and cut below the skin. As a result, people with such hair types find that even though the traditional hair removal methods are effective in removing hair, they come with enough unwanted side effects that are not worth it. 

In contrast to thinner hair, dense hair tends to grow back more quickly, mainly because it is more visible. Pulling this stubborn hair out is a job and is quite a process compared to finer, thinner hair.

The IPL laser machine is a much better option to remove coarse, dense hair. The SkinGen IPL laser gives you a salon-like hair removal experience that you can do at home and get permanent results. It is relatively inexpensive, painless and works on a wide range of hair and skin types. 

No more dark shadows

Another problem that is usually followed by shaving is that you are left with dark shadows on that skin area like your underarms, and by the end of the day, it looks like it needs another shave. The hair might not be that long, but the dark stubble and shadow are not a pleasant sight after all. 

The IPL laser device stunts your hair growth, so your hair grows back to be thinner. You will no longer be left with stubble or dark shadows anymore, so that is a relief. 

Benefits of the SkinGen ICE IPL Laser Device

The SkinGen ICE IPL Laser Device offers the same benefits as the regular device with some additional ones like:

Efficiently works on sensitive skin

Often people are intimidated by the idea of using different hair removal methods on sensitive areas of skin like the underarms or the bikini line. This is because not everyone has the heart to endure the pain of waxing and shaving, which leaves bumps and redness. 

Dont't worry Here's the All facts about SkinGen Regular Vs ICE IPL for your ease.

The Premium SkinGen ICECOOL Device will gently treat your sensitive area without leaving any marks. The advanced cooling plate is ideal for sensitive skin areas like the upper lips. Just as you glide the device across the skin, the ICECOOL technology will immediately cool down your skin, recovering from the laser’s heat. 



No more prickly phase!

We know everyone hates that phase after waxing and shaving when your hair is growing back. All you feel on your skin is prickly hair that is not long enough to be removed and causes your skin to itch.

But what if we were told that our IPL laser device would help you never encounter that phase again? Sounds like a dream, right? But it is true! With the regular use of this ICECOOL laser device, you no longer have to endure the pain of itchy skin while waiting for the next hair removal session.

How is this possible? It is because you always have to shave your skin before using the device to ensure that the hair length is below 3 mm. The hair that grows back after using the device is weak and thin, unlike the thick, prickly hair that usually grows back.

So which one should you buy? 

The answer to this question about SkinGen Regular Vs ICE IPL  simply depends on your needs. All you need to do is identify what you want to achieve after buying an IPL laser device. If you just have permanent hair removal in 4-6 months then the SkinGen Regular IPL laser device will work well for you. 

However, if you have sensitive skin and don’t want to risk getting laser burns, then the ICE IPL device will be your best bet! 

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