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Is Buying An IPL Laser Device Worth It In 2023 Or Not?

Although we are two months into the new year, there are still many of us who haven’t decided Buying An IPL Laser Device Worth It in 2023? whether this is the year when we are going to invest in an IPL laser device or not.

But one thing is clear for sure, if you are still relying on making trips to the mart to get shaving kits or waxing strips, we pity you!

If you are wondering why: the answer is quite simple. Why stick to traditional, painful and also costly methods in the long run when a single product can get it all done for you?

Yes, we are talking about buying yourself an IPL laser device!

Not just to promote our product or something, but we equally care about the way our customers are going about their hair removal journey.

If you really want to make a purchase for yourself this year that you will be grateful for in years to come, then you know what to do(hint: buy the SkinGen IPL Laser Device)!

Although we can give you a thousand reasons for why ipl laser worth it, this article will give you a detailed overview of all the essential info you need before buying the device.

So, let’s get right into it.

What does an IPL Laser Device do?

Ofcourse, we can’t just head out and buy a tech device until we have a complete insight of its functionality and what it has to offer. While a laser might sound like something technical, the process is not as complex as it sounds.

The at-home laser device uses Intense Pulsed Light to scatter a broad spectrum across the skin, which permanently reduces hair growth. The melanin, which gives colour to skin and hair, is targeted by the light, damaging the root and disrupting the hair regrowth cycle.

It may take time to see results, but with consistent use, it can help prevent unwanted hair growth. Most IPL devices are safe for use on the body and face and emit light either by gliding or stamping on the skin. Gliding is convenient for larger surface areas like the legs, while pressing or stamping is more precise and better suited for smaller areas.

Why is laser better than shaving or waxing?

We bet that you can also answer this after experiencing the pain of waxing and ingrown hair from shaving. Many individuals feel anxious when it comes to IPL laser hair removal, mainly due to the involvement of machinery and intense light.

Nevertheless, what many do not realise is that Skingen IPL devices offer tremendous advantages in eliminating unwanted hair. It is currently the most efficient and cost-effective method of hair removal. Here are some reasons why shaving and waxing should be out of the game for you: See more options

Waxing Is Not Good As It Seems

Having thick wax on your skin can sometimes be harmful here ipl laser worth it strongly. Waxing is not the best method for hair removal, especially for people with sensitive skin, as it can cause moderate to extreme pain depending on the skin’s sensitivity.

This pain occurs when the dense wax is pulled off the skin with cloth or paper strips. Additionally, waxing can result in itchiness, redness, and tiny bumps on the skin that can lead to irritation. Furthermore, waxing can cause hair to grow back thicker, which can be problematic over time.

The Chemical Composition of Shaving Creams

Shaving is an inexpensive and readily available hair removal method, but it has drawbacks as well. Shaving creams contain chemicals that can harm the skin’s surface when used frequently, and it is not effective in removing denser hair, resulting in a rough and bumpy skin surface. People with curly, dense, and coarse hair are at greater risk of ingrown hairs, which can become infected and cause health problems if left untreated.

Salon trips can be expensive!

We all love a relaxing spa day where we get waxing done followed by a mani-pedi! But while these trips are fun and all exciting, not everyone finds them light on their pocket! Also, taking out time to head out to the salon every week is a task in itself!

Many people prefer getting waxing done from salon as either:

  1. They can’t do it their themselves
  2. They don’t have enough time at home to do it

But if you put two and two together, waxing can be a quite expensive method. The cost can vary between 2500-5000/month or more which makes about 60,000 a year and in 10 years? Well, you can do the maths!

The benefits of buying an IPL Laser Device

The factors that we discussed above were not to scare but to show you a bigger picture. Let us now explore the benefits that the SkinGen IPL laser device has to offer you:

Convenient and easy to use

Ipl laser worth it for convenience and ease of use. In the past, getting IPL hair removal meant scheduling appointments and finding a good salon, but with the SkinGen IPL laser, you can now do it yourself at home. This was especially useful during the pandemic when it was better to stay indoors.

Using the SkinGen IPL laser, you can focus on specific areas of your skin without needing a professional to do it for you. Additionally, you can customise the process to your liking. The device’s ergonomic design allows for high precision even in smaller areas.

In addition to hair removal, IPL laser machines can also rejuvenate your skin. Simply follow the instructions in the manual to achieve impressive results.

No more ingrown hair!

If you’ve ever experienced ingrown hair, you’re likely familiar with the frustration and exhaustion it can cause. Ingrown hair results from hair follicles becoming clogged by bacteria and dead skin cells, causing hair to grow in the wrong direction and creating painful, pus-filled bumps. By destroying the hair follicle, IPL laser treatment by SkinGen effectively prevents ingrown hair from occurring.

If you prefer to stay hair-free, IPL laser treatment is an excellent option for you. Traditional hair removal methods such as waxing and epilators require some hair growth to be effective, but with IPL devices, you can shave between sessions without any concerns.

Visible reduction in hair growth

Previously mentioned, temporary hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing only provide brief relief before you need to repeat the process to get rid of unwanted hair. However, by using the SkinGen IPL laser, you can gradually reduce the amount of hair regrowth permanently.

Ipl laser worth it to reduced hair growth, the frequency of required treatments will decrease, and you’ll have longer breaks between sessions since the hair follicles are effectively destroyed in each IPL session.

Initially, the laser treatment doesn’t yield permanent hair removal overnight because hair grows in various cycles, necessitating multiple sessions to zap each hair at the appropriate growth stage. Nevertheless, even if hair regrowth occurs, it will be lighter in colour and less noticeable.

No more dark skin from using chemical-rich creams!

Shaving often causes a problem where dark shadows appear on the skin area, such as the underarms, making it look like it needs to be shaved again by the end of the day. Even if the hair is not long, the dark stubble and shadow are unappealing.

Fortunately, the Skingen IPL laser device hinders hair growth and makes the regrown hair thinner. This means you won’t have to deal with stubble or dark shadows anymore, which is a great relief.

The perfect choice for removal of coarse hair

Thick hair is more prone to getting trapped under the skin, causing ingrown hairs when pulled from the root and cut below the skin’s surface. This is why people with this hair type often find that traditional hair removal methods, although effective at removing hair, have too many unwanted side effects to be worth it.

In contrast, dense hair tends to grow back more quickly since it is more visible. Removing this type of hair can be a difficult and time-consuming process compared to finer, thinner hair.

However, IPL laser devices such as Skingen offer a much better solution for removing coarse, dense hair. The Skingen IPL laser provides a salon-like hair removal experience that you can do at home and enjoy permanent results. It is also relatively inexpensive, painless, and works on a wide range of hair and skin types.

Wrap Up!

 Unlike temporary methods such as waxing or shaving IPL hair removal targets and impairs hair follicles with intense light.

. Buying An IPL Laser Device is totally Worth It in 2023. The SkinGen IPL Laser zaps, damages, and eventually kills the follicle, making it nearly impossible for hair to grow back. With a quick zip and zap with the machine, followed by moisturising, ipl laser worth it go with !Explore more

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