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What Celebrities Have to Say About the SkinGen Hair Laser Machine!

What started with aim of introducing IPL technology in Pakistan is now trusted by customers and celebrities all across the country! Yes, we are talking about the hair laser machine with IPL technology by SkinGen.

SkinGen started as a company in 2017 with the vision of introducing IPL laser technology in Pakistan. The idea was to replace the orthodox hair removal methods of waxing and shaving and provide people with a painless and permanent hair removal method.

All across the world, laser hair removal is the go-to method for hair removal due to its immense benefits. However, we as a company noticed that this technology was still a mystery for Pakistanis. 

And that is how SkinGen came into being. Years later, here we are trusted by not only just customers but also by well-known celebrities!

What celebrities have to say about the SkinGen hair laser machine

We reached out to some celebrities, and some themselves wanted to try the SkinGen IPL hair laser machine. We are glad to share that we not only get positive feedback from our customers but now, celebrities also trust SkinGen for their laser hair removal.

What is so special about it?

Now, some of you might be thinking that is what is there to brag about? It can just be another PR package that got reviews from celebrities. 

However, the reason for highlighting this accomplishment is that people in the industry have more experience with hair laser salons and professional treatments. So, if they have tried, tested, and now trust our hair laser machine, something about it must make it worth buying!

Now you might be curious to know which celebrities got their hands on our hair laser machine. So we will no longer keep you waiting as the following are the Pakistani celebrities that trust SkinGen IPL laser device for their laser hair removal:

Sadia Faisal

Sadia Faisal is a well-known TV star known for her roles in various Pakistani dramas like Pyarey Afzal and Din Dhallay. Before her acting career, she was a newscaster for Pakistan Television Network(PTV). She is also the daughter of famous TV actress Saba Faisal. 

Her Review

Here is what Sadia has to say about the SkinGen IPL laser device: 

After trying and testing our SkinGen hair laser machine, here is what she has to say about it:

“Recently, I had an experience which I want to share with you all. So, I ordered a hair removal laser online from Skingen.pk, which is called Intense Pulsed Light. It is an amazing product as we all(girls and women) have faced the issue of permanent hair removal. I used the device, and believe me, after 12 weeks of usage, the hair, especially on my arms, has reduced by 80%. So my experience was great and excited to share it with you all! You can also order it from SkinGen.pk..”. 

To know more, you can check out the video below to see the complete review of Sadia Faisal:

Nimra Khan

Nimra Khan is the second celebrity who herself reached out to us to try the SkinGen IPL hair laser machine. She is known for her acting debut in the famous comedy Pakistani series “Kis Din Mera Viyah Hovay Ga.” She also did leading roles in dramas like Uraan, Meherbaan, and Seerat.

Her Review:

Here is what Nimra has to say about her experience with the SkinGen hair removal device:

“So the video I am making today is not specific for any gender, it is for everyone. There are times when you don’t get appointments for salons, or you don’t get the time. For example, people like us who work 12 hours a day get no time. So, I received this hair removal device from SkinGen. Many people can’t afford the well-reputed brands, which is why we often stay behind. But this device is affordable, and you can order it easily online. All you need to do is visit their website/DM them, and they will deliver it to you. I have been using this device; it has such a nice shape and is easy to hold..” 

To know more about what she has to say, check out the complete review video below:

People from different professions trust SkinGen

Not just celebrities but certified doctors also trust Skingen hair laser machines as their permanent hair removal solution. 

If you are not sure whether SkinGen IPL Laser Device is safe to use or not or have any doubts about whether the device is worth investing in, then check out what Dr. Kubra Maryum has to say about our IPL Laser Device! 

Dr. Kubra Maryum is a resident cardiologist at Victoria Hospital BWP, and she has been testing the SkinGen IPL Laser Device for quite a while. 

So if you are still unsure if the SkinGen IPL Laser Device is clinically safe for usage, this review will clear away all your queries! 

So if you are still unsure if the SkinGen IPL Laser Device is clinically safe for usage, this review will clear away all your queries! 

Hear from the people themselves

If you are still looking for some more reviews and want to know about users’ experience with the SkinGen IPL hair removal device, then we got you! You can visit the Reviews Section of our website for:

  • Detailed reviews
  • How was the overall experience of users
  • What customers have to say about a few weeks of usage

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