Yes, it does. But it takes patience and consistency before the device starts to show permanent results. You need to use the device twice a week for at least two months for efficient results.

Although the results vary according to the hair thickness of the user, more than 90% of the users get permanent results within two months of use. 

We recommend you to use the device with consistency for four months to get complete results and permanent hair removal.

The SkinGen IPL Laser device offers permanent and safe hair removal. It works effectively by destroying the hair from roots in the growth stage. Although the hair growth can vary for each individual, we recommend using the device consistently for a minimum of eight weeks to see permanent results.

Our professional team of experts in the UK came together to design the SkinGen IPL Laser Device. The IPL technology is completely to use with no side effects. Our IPL device is FDA certified and is clinically proven to be safe to use at home.

Our IPL laser device comes with the lastest technology of 999,999 flashes which is currently the highest for any IPL device! The high number of flashes means the device can easily last you for a lifetime!

The SkinGen device comes with two different modes for different body parts. A long press activates the Auto Mode, which has a steady and continuous flash. Auto Mode is suitable for larger areas like arms and legs.

In addition to the auto mode, SkinGen features Manual Mode. To activate the manual mode, just press the flash key once, and the device starts to flash. This mode works well for smaller body parts like the face or underarms.

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