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Laser Hair Removal Pre and Post Care

Ready to get your SkinGen IPL Laser Hair Removal Device or have been searching for laser hair removal near me? Great because you are all set to get on the journey of permanent hair removal! But are you really prepared to get on your journey for permanent hair removal?

IPL(Intense Pulsed Light) or any other laser hair removal does help us get rid of unwanted hair but it requires some care to get the best results. 

Laser Hair Removal permanent results

You need to take care of a few things before and after the treatment so the process stays hassle-free. Pre and post care is also essential to avoid any possible side effects.

But by now you might be wondering what pre and post care steps should you follow to make the best out of your laser hair removal treatment? Well, you don’t have to look around after searching so much for “laser hair removal near me” we have all the info here for you.

So sit back, relax and read on as we guide you through all the steps you need to follow before and after your laser hair removal treatment.

What to do before your laser hair removal?

Once you are all set to get your ipl hair removal and use your SkinGen IPL Laser Hair Removal Device, here are the things you need to care of before your treatment.

What to do before your laser hair removal

Pre care

Shave the target area

The first and foremost to be prepared for using your IPL Laser Device or getting your laser treatment is to shave the area to be treated. You can shave it with any regular razor to get 1-2 days of stubble. Waxing or plucking is not recommendable as it removes hair from the roots.

You might be wondering that shaving and waxing is nearly the same, so what’s the difference? 

For laser treatment to work effectively, some hair should be visible that the laser light can target and destroy.Hence, for an IPL device to work effectively, the hair follicles should be visible. But ensure that the hair is not longer as it can be painful. 

Make sure you stop plucking and waxing your hair at least two to three weeks before using  your laser hair removal machine. You can also shave between the sessions to keep any hair from growing. As much effective as shaving is for IPL, waxing and plucking can have the opposite reaction. 

You should also avoid bleaching your hair as it also concerns changing your original hair colour.

Shave the target area

Avoid self tanning

Who doesn’t love a bit of tanned skin? And this is why self-tanners are a must for many people before heading out to the beach. But it is important to keep in mind that IPL hair removal works on melanin(the dark skin pigment).

For people who use self-tanning techniques or artificial tanning, it is advised to stop the application at least a month before the treatment. Tanning treatments create an artificial skin colour(slightly darker than your original skin tone). 

With the fake tan on, the device is more likely to work on the artificial skin tone instead of targeting the actual hair follicles. This not only minimises the effectiveness of the laser treatment but can also possibly damage your skin. 

So, having your original skin tone is essential before you start using your laser hair removal machine.

Chemical composition can damage your skin

Check your skin tone

Before you purchase your IPL laser hair removal device like the Philips Lumea Prestige or SkinGen IPL or book your appointment, it is important to ensure that your skin tone is suitable for laser hair removal.

Check your skin tone

Avoid exposure to sun

If you had direct exposure to sunlight in the last 72 hours, then you should avoid using your IPL hair removal device or treatment. People with “Scottish skin” are more likely to get their skin burned due to the sun.

With prolonged exposure to sunlight, your skin can become highly sensitive to heat, especially the face after facial hair removal! Even if you are lucky and tan well, your skin can react. Also, the chances of burning and pigmentation become high due to sun exposure. 

So, avoid direct contact with sunlight for at least 72 hours when you plan on getting your laser treatment/using your device. This will save you from running into the risk of  scarring, burning or damaging your skin in any way. 

Avoid exposure to sun


If you take any medications, then make sure to consult your doctor before you start your laser treatment. You can also take an antiviral preventative medicine to avoid any sun sensitising effect or post treatment outbreaks. 

If you take any medicines for photosensitivity, then you should stop its use. It is hard for laser treatment to work on people who take photosensitizing medicines or antibiotics.

What to do after your laser hair removal?

After you are done using your SkinGen IPL Laser Device or getting your laser treatment in the salon, there are certain instructions that we will advise you to follow. We know, you might find these quite annoying but remember all good things take time! 

After you will get permanent hair removal after four months, all of the care will surely be worth it.

Post care

Apply prescription cream if needed

In case, you feel slight discomfort or any sort of pain, you can take your physician’s advice and use the recommended cream. Although the chances of feeling pain are extremely minimal, we can’t overlook the possibilities. You can also take an anti-inflammatory medication or  Tylenol(acetaminophen) for pain relief. 

Apply a cool compress

After the laser treatment or facial hair removal in particular, your skin can become sensitive. So, you can use a soft cloth, wet it with cool water and apply it on the treated area for several minutes. Or you can also use a cool compress to reduce any pain or swelling. It will give you a calm and cool feeling, you can thank us later! 

Avoid sun exposure 

Again? This might be the first thought that popped in your mind after reading the heading. But as we mentioned above, after using the laser hair removal machine(SkinGen IPL Laser Device/Philips Lumea Prestige), the skin becomes highly sensitive. 

To put it in simpler terms, you should avoid the sun for one month before and after the treatment. After a month, for an extra layer of protection, apply sunscreen to the treatment area. 

Don’t wax/pluck treated area 

Make sure to avoid waxing or plucking the area where the laser treatment has been done. Waxing or any similar process can affect the laser treatment and lead to stimulation of the hair follicle. In other words, you might trigger hair regrowth.  However, you can exfoliate your skin once any redness or post-laser bumps go away. 

Don’t waxpluck treated area

Avoid chemicals

 In the quest of Pre and Post Care What exactly do we mean by chemicals here? Chemicals can be in any form like makeup, deodorants etc. If you use the SkinGen IPL Laser Hair Removal Device for facial hair removal, you can use mineral makeup if needed within 48 hours. But, other cosmetics should not be used until your skin has healed. 

The same rule applies to deodorants as they can cause irritation. So, try to stay away from deodorants for at least three days. You can still shower though! Nevertheless, extremely hot showers or baths are not advisable. 

You might experience itching as it is not uncommon but try not to scratch the target area as it can lead to scarring. And we surely don’t want that after investing in an expensive device like the Philips Lumea Prestige. Nonetheless, if you are in search of affordable options, the SkinGen IPL Laser Device will surely not disappoint.

Give your muscles some rest

If you are among those hardcore gym lovers then after laser, you will have to give your body some break from work out. Excessive exercise, gymming or the sauna, all of these cause a good amount of sweating which can irritate your skin.

Key takeaways

Laser hair removal can change your life(literally) as it helps you get hair-free, smooth and flawless skin. Once your treatment is completed with complete Pre and Post Care, you can flaunt your smooth skin in your favourite dresses! But again, the results depend upon how well you take care of your skin.  

All in all, if you want to say goodbye to unwanted hair permanently, then you should have a laser hair removal machine/treatment pre and post care on your fingertips.See More

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