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SkinGen IPL Laser Device : A Hit or Miss?

Thanks to technological advances, we now have a long-term hair removal solution in the form of IPL laser device by brands like Skingen. For many people, hair removal is no less than a nightmare as not only it takes a lot of effort, but it is also a time-draining activity. 

With Skingen IPL Laser device, you can now get the job done at home instead of visiting a professional. 

There are chances that you would have tried shaving only to find it time-consuming and ineffective. Or maybe, you find waxing quite painful. 

waxing quite painful

The fact is that many people get tired of the hazards and hassles of temporary hair removal methods like depilatory creams and shaving. They look for something that provides permanent results.

Before we look into why you should choose the Skingen IPL Laser, let’s first look into what exactly the IPL Laser device does.

How does the Skingen IPL laser device work?

Intense Pulsed Light is a broad spectrum that scatters across your skin through the device. This helps in reducing hair growth permanently. 

The device directs the light at the melanin(the pigment that gives your skin or hair its colour). It then damges the root and breaks the hair regrowth cycle.

You should not expect results overnight. But it will help prevent unwanted hair from growing back with frequent use.

The Skingen IPL Laser is safe to use on your body and face. The device stamps or glides on your skin by emitting light in parallel. For areas of the body with large surfaces like legs, gliding is convenient. Pressing onto the skin or stamping is better for smaller surfaces where you require precision.

How does the Skingen IPL laser device work

Why should you choose the Skingen IPL Laser device?

Many people are anxious about IPL laser hair removal as it involves the use of machines and high-intensity light. However, what is lesser known about the Skingen IPL devices is the priceless benefits that it provides in removing our unwanted hair. 

The Skingen IPL Laser device will work like a one-time investment that will last you nearly a lifetime. In today’s age and time, it is the best source of hair removal that is a value for money in the long run. Here are some reasons why you choose the Skingen IPL Laser:

Dense wax can hurt your skin

Waxing is not a great hair removal method for people with sensitive skin as it can be moderately to extremely painful. You feel pain with the removal of dense wax from the skin with cloth or paper strips.

Also, waxing removes hair from beneath or at the skin surface. This can often cause itchiness or redness. Waxing also leaves tiny bumps on the skin after some days that can lead to irritation.

Dense wax can hurt your skin

Thicker hair

Although many people find waxing an easy way out, the hair grows back thicker for some. And after several waxing sessions, the hair thickness can increase. 

The Skingen IPL laser not only removes your hair after destroying it from the root but also the hair that grows back is thinner. This is unlike waxing that can result in thicker and coarser hair growing back.

Chemical composition can damage your skin

Although shaving is quite affordable and easily accessible by anyone with a razor, it has its downsides. The shaving creams contain chemicals that, and with frequent use, it can damage the layer of your skin. If your hair is denser, there is no way you are going to end up with truly smooth and hairless skin after shaving. 

Shaving is not a great option for those with curly, dense and coarse hair as there is a higher risk of getting ingrown hair. If left untreated, you can get infection with ingrown hair as it often causes health issues. That doesn’t sound like worth it, does it? 

Also, if you have thick hair, you have to shave nearly all the time. And you can’t rush the process as you might cut yourself.

Skingen IPL laser makes hair removal a much less daunting process, especially for those who have thicker hair. 

In contrast to shaving, which must be done every two to three days, you will have to use the device much less frequently. Also, after several sessions, when your hair growth is reduces, you will find less need of using the device.

Chemical composition can damage your skin

Salons can be expensive in contrast to IPL laser device

Treatments like IPL laser are said to be better left to the professionals. But this was back in the old days when devices like Skingen IPL laser devices were not in the market. These devices have revolutionized the hair removal process. Not only you can do it yourself at home but also it is a one-time investment. 

Getting IPL laser hair removal from a salon can be pretty expensive as each session costs you a fair amount. Also, visiting the salon every now and then is not a pleasant experience for all. This is where the Skingen IPL device comes in to save the day. 

You have to invest in the device once, and it saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Once you get an IPL laser device, there is no going back. After completing one area of the skin, you will not have to worry about hair regrowth for a long time. The device saves you from investing in expensive shaving equipment and salon appointments.

Salons can be expensive in contrast to IPL laser device

Other methods can be painful

Shaving and waxing seem relatively affordable and convenient. But we can not ignore the fact that just as shaving has its downsides, waxing is not a great option, too, after all.

Waxing is painful as you pull the hair by the root, but it is especially painful for people with coarse, dense hair. Some people with such hair type even experience bleeding after the waxing sessions.

Thankfully, the Skingen IPL laser comes with minimal pain and, in contrast, much less pain than other hair removal methods. Many find it similar to the sting you get from a rubber hand, but the sensation can vary greatly depending on the hair and skin type. 

You might feel a little discomfort, but it is quite bearable. If you have very low pain tolerance, then you can take a pain reliever before your IPL treatment to help. 

Another lesser-known trick is to stay hydrated and drink at least a gallon of water before each IPL session. Why? It might not be easy to believe, but recent research shows that dehydration makes your skin highly sensitive to pain. So, make sure you drink plenty of water before using the Skingen Laser device.

Other methods can be painful

Ipl laser device is convenient and custmomizable 

The most significant benefit of having the Skingen IPL laser device is that it is simple, quick and convenient. Gone are the days when you would have to book appointments and look for a good salon to get the IPL hair removal done. 

With the Skingen IPL laser, you can do it all from the safety and comfort of your home. Also, specially during the ongoing pandemic when it is better to stay at home the device is a life saver. 

With the Skingen IPL laser device in your hands, you can focus on the specific areas of your skin. Instead of relying on some professional to do it for you, you can customize the process according to your liking. The ergonomic design of the device means you can be highly precise on the smaller areas of the skin.

Moreover, there is more to IPL laser devices than just hair removal. The Skingen IPL laser also helps in the rejuvenation of your skin. Simply follow the instructions on the manual, and you will be in for some amazing results.

Say goodby to ingrown hairs with an IPL laser device!

If you ever have dealt with ingrown hair, you know how terrible and tiring it can be to deal with. Ingrown hair occurs when the bacteria and dead skin cells clog up a hair follicle.

This causes the hair to grow in the wrong direction, leaving you with pus-filled and painful bumps. Since the IPL laser destroys the hair follicle, it also kills the chances of ending up with ingrown hair! 

IPL laser treatment by Skingen is made for you if you are someone who likes to stay fuzz-free all the time. The good-old hair removal methods like waxing and epilators require a bit of hair growth to remove unwanted hair effectively. However, with IPL devices, you can shave between each session without any worries.

Hair regrowth

As mentioned before, hair removal methods like shaving and waxing only provide a few days of relief. You again have to grab the razors or waxing strips to get rid of unwanted hair. 

But if you stick to the Skingen IPL laser, you will begin to notice that the hair regrowth is reducing permanently over time. 

With reduced hair growth, the number of treatments required will also decrease. The time between each session will also increase as you effectively destroy the hair follicles in each IPL session. 

Initially, the laser treatment does not provide permanent hair removal as it does not give results overnight. Your hair grows in varying cycles, so it takes multiple sessions before you effectively zap each hair while it is the right stage of hair growth.

So, even if hair regrowth does happen, you will notice that the hair regrowing is lighter in colour and less noticeable.

No more dark shadows

Another problem that is usually followed by shaving is that you are left with dark shadows on that skin area like your underarms. By the end of the day, it looks like it needs another shave. The hair might not be that long, but the dark stubble and shadow are not a pleasant sight after all. 

The Skingen IPL laser device stunts your hair growth, so your hair grows back to be thinner. You will no longer be left with stubble or dark shadows anymore, so that is a relief.

IPL laser devices are well suited for coarse hair

Thicker hair is more likely to get stuck under the skin and cause ingrown hair if pulled by the root and cut below the skin. As a result, people with such hair types find that even though the traditional hair removal methods are effective in removing hair, they come with enough unwanted side effects that are not worth it. 

In contrast to thinner hair, dense hair tends to grow back more quickly, mainly because it is more visible. Pulling this stubborn hair out is a job in itself and is quite a process compared to finer, thinner hair.

The IPL laser devices like Skingen are a much better option to remove coarse, dense hair. The Skingen IPL laser gives you a salon-like hair removal experience that you can do at home and get permanent results. It is relatively inexpensive, painless and works on a wide range of hair and skin types. 

While temporary hair removal solutions like waxing and shaving work on removing hair from the surface, the IPL hair removal uses an intense beam of light to damage the hair follicle. It zaps, damages and eventually kills the follicle making it nearly impossible for hair to grow back. Zip, zap with the machine, moisturize, and you are good to go!

Say goodbye to ingrown hairs with an IPL laser device

Wrap up!

It was in older times when you would have to find the time to get to the salon if you want to have your unwanted hair zapped by a professional. Being hairless and looking your best today is easier than ever with the Skingen IPL laser device. 

The Skingen IPL laser device offers the opportunity to busy moms or just any busy individual to treat themselves with laser hair removal safely and effectively without ever leaving home. In addition, the device is a one time purchase and a lot cheaper than IPL laser removal at clinics!

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