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5 Secrets to Know Before Buying Laser Hair Removal Machine

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For most of us, the biggest downside of being a mammal will probably be “body hair”. Let’s face it, body hair can be miserable to deal with.  Especially when the painful processes of waxing and shaving are in question. But thankfully we weren’t born in caveman’s era so permanent hair removal is now an option with hair removal machine! 

If you live in Pakistan, it is easy to find tons of “laser hair removal near me” on Google. There are even high chances that you might have been looking up for Laser Hair Removal Machine and cost in lahore! 

But many of us are still unsure if laser hair removal on face or any other body part is really worth it.Or, are there any hidden laser hair removal side effects? 

If you are planning to get rid of unwanted hair permanently and want to know all about laser hair removal benefits, you are just in the right place! 

In this article, we will be unveiling the “secrets” that you should have in mind before getting permanent laser hair removal done.

You Need to Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

Five things to know before getting permanent laser hair removal machine 

Ready to use the SkinGen IPL hair removal machine or spend that cash on laser hair removal cost in lahore, here’s all that you need to know:

10 things to know before getting permanent laser hair removal

The secrets unlocked!

Don’t stop shaving!

Just because you are about to get permanent laser hair removal, doesn’t mean you can skip all the other hair removal methods yet! Waxing and hair removal creams might be out of question but shaving is not! In fact to get your laser hair removal done, you need your shaving razors with you.

Why? It is because before heading out for your treatment or using your permanent hair removal machine, you need to shave. The reason for this is quite simple. For the laser to work effectively, some hair needs to be visible that the IPL or any other laser can target. 

The laser has to work on the hair follicles and that simply is not possible if you have waxed. This is because waxing or tweezing removes hair from the root, which is the target area for lasers. 

However, don't skip shaving. Long hair obstructs the process as it absorbs the laser instead of the follicle, wasting time and money.

Don't stop shaving!Laser hair removal machine is faster and nearly painless! 

So, why choose a permanent laser hair removal machine and not stick to the traditional hair removal methods? The answer is simple, say goodbye to pain and ingrown hair. We all have suffered the pain of waxing at some point in our lives and none of us love it right?

In contrast, laser hair removal is not painless but also permanent. So, you get to enjoy two benefits with just a single method: permanent laser hair removal.

As far as the pain is in question, you will barely feel anything as the laser is in short bursts. The sensation is similar to that of being pricked with a rubber band. And who will not prefer that over the dreadful pain of waxing?

The magic doesn’t happen overnight

Although laser hair removal is permanent, it does not mean that your unwanted body hair will disappear overnight! It isn’t a one time thing and requires patience and consistency before you can see the results. 

In the initial stage, you need to use the laser hair removal machine twice a week. As the time proceeds, you can then minimise your usage. The same applies to getting laser hair removal done professionally as it requires several sittings. 

In case of laser hair removal at home, consistency is the key if you want to see the best results. You can’t expect your hair to go away easily if you don’t use the laser hair removal machine as instructed. 

The number of times you need to use the device also depends on the area you are targeting. You might need to use the device more on body hair than on facial hair. It takes about three to eight sessions professionally alongwith yearly maintenance. 

For example, laser hair removal on face might work quicker in contrast to that on areas like underarms that have stubborn hair. 

Some parts of your body need more laser love than others. In addition, if your skin colour matches your hair colour, it will also require more treatments.

The magic doesn’t happen overnight

Bid farewell to fake tanning

If you are a big fan of tanned skin then we have bad news for you. Permanent laser hair removal does not work with fake tanning as for laser hair removal machines to work, the skin needs to have its natural colour. 

This means that you will have to stay away from sun beds for at least four weeks before you plan to get your laser hair removal done or do it yourself at home. The same case is for natural sunlight. So, avoid direct exposure to sunlight if you plan to use your laser hair removal machine. 

The reason for this is that the laser hair removal machine can’t work on tanned skin.The tan darkens your actual skin tone and chances are that the skin will absorb the laser energy instead of the hair follicles.  

Instead,  it affects the effectiveness of the treatment and poses the risk of discoloration which we really don’t want. 

It is also the reason why winter is said to be the ideal season to get laser hair removal done as there are less chances of tanning. 

However, if you can’t imagine going without sun beds, then self tanning might be the next best option. Unfortunately, with the tan on, you can’t undergo the laser hair removal treatment. 

You should also keep in mind that you not only have to avoid tanning before the treatment but also at least four weeks after the treatment.

fake tanning skin

A little consultation can help 

If you are taking any medications, then it is good to check with your doctor prior to the treatment. Some medicines contain chemicals that can increase the sensitivity of the skin to lasers and can cause laser hair removal side effects. 

If you take any medicines for photosensitivity, then you should stop its use. It is hard for laser treatment to work on people who take photosensitizing medicines or antibiotics. 

You might have to stop taking the medicine for some time or until you have completely used the laser hair removal machine. So, you can seek professional help before planning on getting your permanent laser hair removal.

You can also take an antiviral preventative medicine to avoid any sun sensitising effect or post treatment outbreaks. 

Bottom Line

We know that the price of laser hair removal in Pakistan might have already got you wondering why it costs a pretty penny. But you need not to worry as our laser hair removal machine comes at an affordable price for all!

Many of our customers question that what makes the SkinGen IPL Laser Device better than waxing, shaving and other methods?

The answer is simple: the process is painless and permanent.

Where other hair removal methods are temporary and quite painful, our device is gentle on the skin.

And the best part? 

You get permanent hair removal in just four months! So, where other methods last for only a few weeks, the SkinGen IPL Laser Device lasts you for a life time!

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