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Is the Use of IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine Safe during Pregnancy?

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Even while having a baby in the belly, many women still take the time to do their usual beauty routine. Pregnancy is an exciting but very different period. Maintaining your regular body care routine will make you feel more at ease. During pregnancy, it can be challenging to reach some areas of the body. So, you may be wondering what hair removal alternatives, besides laser hair removal in pregnancy, are available to you and how to go about doing it.

You're curious about trying IPL for the first time, you might be wondering if it’s safe to use SkinGen IPL hair removal machine while pregnant.

Although IPL treatment is unlikely to cause serious harm, there are still some dangers to consider. There has been a lot of talk about how effective IPL hair removal is, leading some to ask if it’s safe for pregnant women. In this article, we cover all the details of the intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal procedure. It also includes whether or not it is safe for pregnant women.

Pregnancy Affect Hair Growth

During pregnancy, it’s not uncommon to get the feeling that you’ve become a different person. Some pregnant mothers are ecstatic about the changes that will take place in their bodies during the course of their pregnancy. But others may experience mixed emotions regarding these alterations.

Your normal hair growth cycle is thrown off taking the edge during pregnancy. This causes you to have an abundance of hair. During this period, many women see an increase in the amount of hair that grows on their bodies, often in undesirable areas such as the face, neck, belly, and breasts.



IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine Use during Pregnancy

The short answer to the question, “Is the use of SkinGen IPL laser hair removal device safe during pregnancy?” is “no”. IPL hair removal treatments are not safe to undergo during pregnancy. It is crucial to remember that there has been relatively little study of this issue to date. The use of IPL for hair removal during pregnancy is highly infrequent. Due to the rarity of the procedure, doctors are hesitant to perform hair removal surgery on pregnant patients.

If a pregnant woman insists on receiving the treatment, doctors will avoid areas where the effects could be most devastating.

No studies have examined the safety of IPL hair removal therapy for pregnant women.

However, it is still advisable to consult with your doctor and avoid this radiation treatment if possible.

Should I stop using IPL Laser Hair Removal Machines while planning a baby?

So, let’s say you’re in the middle of a hair removal treatment when you get the news that you’re going to be a mom. It is best to discuss this matter with your physician who will almost certainly advise you to postpone your IPL laser treatment. This can be until after you have given birth to your child.

You could give some of the other possibilities a shot while you wait.If you delay starting your treatment, you don't need to worry about it negatively affecting the treatment's effects.

Your physician is in the greatest position to advise you on the most appropriate course of action about the postponement of this procedure. Talk to your primary care provider about the various options for treating unwanted hair. There are always options available, including waxing, shaving, and electrolysis.

Is it Safe to use IPL devices while Breastfeeding?

You can now consider yourself fully immersed in the nursing stage. Wow, that’s a very exciting development. As a direct consequence of this, you should not make use of SkinGen IPL or laser hair removal devices. There is no evidence that women who are breastfeeding are more susceptible to the negative effects of lasers.

Nevertheless, it is best to be on the side of caution and refrain from any exposure to radiation until after the pregnancy has come to an end. There is a potential for difficulties brought on by the mother’s endogenous hormones. These lasers have the potential to interfere with the natural melanin production of the body.Hence, females who are exposed to them run the risk of developing abnormally dark or light skin pigmentation.

Additionally, in order to reduce any discomfort, certain medical professionals will give topical anesthetics to the patient. You won’t have to put up with an excessive amount of pain. Perhaps it will be a little painful for you. It’s possible for the chemicals in the lotions they give you to make their way into your breast milk through your circulation. As a result, you ought to put off undergoing any additional therapies until after you have completed breastfeeding.



Is the Use of IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine safe on the face during Pregnancy?

What you want is within your grasp. The utilized light isn’t powerful enough to penetrate the skin to any significant depth. You need to be very careful about your skin and eye color to avoid hypo- and hyperpigmentation and injury to your eyes.

It would be a long and tough road to locate a doctor that is willing to use laser or powerful pulsed light on a pregnant lady for treatment. Many medical professionals advise against doing anything of the type. The uncertainty is really dangerous. That’s because this is a potential option.

Some patients may be given an anesthetic cream prior to treatment, while others may be given pain medicine once it is complete. Any medication, but especially anesthetic cream, carries the danger of absorption through the skin or the stomach (orally).

Although it is possible to use SkinGen IPL devices to use at home, we don’t recommend it to you if you are expecting a baby.

Alternatives Methods of Hair Removal during Pregnancy

One should go for alternative methods of hair removal during pregnancy. Some of these methods are given below:


As it is not absorbed by the skin, wax poses no risk to either the mother or the unborn child during pregnancy. You can expect the same reaction from pregnant women if you ask them about their recent waxing experience. When a woman becomes pregnant, her hormones cause her skin to alter, making it more sensitive and uncomfortable. In point of fact, this should in every way be anticipated and just taken for granted as the norm. What happens to skin that has already been inflamed and is hypersensitive when hot wax is placed across it? It could hurt more than you think it would, but there’s no need to worry because it’s perfectly safe.




While some pregnant mothers don’t worry about shaving, others still desire a hairless appearance. Know the facts and then make your decision.

Waxing should be avoided during pregnancy due to the increased sensitivity of the skin. Avoid using harsh chemicals and hair removal products that can harm your skin.

Shaving is the only method of hair removal that is completely safe during pregnancy. In addition to being the most effective method, it’s also the most flexible. You may do it whenever it fits into your schedule. However, you should never forget to use a clean, sharp razor and items safe for use during pregnancy.



Tweezing and Threading

Smaller hair removal tasks, such as taming caterpillar eyebrows or removing bothersome chin hairs are best tackled with tweezing and threading.

The ancient technique of threading, in which a loop of thread is twisted over the skin to pluck hair, is best left to a qualified expert. But tweezing can be done in the comfort of your own home. Neither activity necessitates the use of any drugs nor can medical interventions, so pregnant women feel free to enjoy either option.

Wrap Up!

Laser hair removal and the IPL procedure produce better outcomes than many traditional treatments. Intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser treatments for hair removal can be performed safely during pregnancy but is not recommended. 

There is not a lot of research to support this decision not to utilize it. But the thing that concern is the possibility that something will go wrong mostly due to the fact that there is not a lot of research to support or oppose it. After that, bad things could happen. You certainly don’t want to put your unborn child in danger.

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