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SkinGen Regular Vs. Premium Product

Before we get into the details of the SkinGen Regular Vs. Premium Product,  let us first look into what an IPL laser device does.Click 

What is an IPL laser device?

It’s 2021, and you want to get rid of unwanted body hair. The question is, how? If the first answer that pops into your mind is shaving or waxing, then you are probably living in the past.

We all know that technology now plays a major part in every aspect of our life, so how can we miss hair removal? Hence, IPL is one of the many “blessings” that technology has introduced into our lives.

Like other technological devices that aim to make our lives easier, the IPL laser is convenient and straightforward.

The best part, you may ask? The process is nearly painless and has permanent results. This means you won’t have to reach out for your shaving razor or waxing strips every week!

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is a broad-spectrum light that the device scatters on your target area. The light reduces hair growth and removes hair from the area permanently. 

The laser works by targeting melanin, the pigment responsible for coloration in our hair and skin. It damages hair directly from the roots, so your hair regrowth cycle is affected, resulting in stunted hair growth.

For further details on what you should expect after an IPL treatment, check out this detailed review on SkinGen Regular Vs. Premium Product. (how long does an IPL device take).

SkinGen IPL Regular vs Premium

If you now have an idea of what IPL does, it means you also now know how SkinGen works! 

In case you want to know more about the SkinGen IPL laser features, check out our detailed article on it.(say goodbye to unwanted hair).

SkinGen offers two IPL laser devices to its customers named:

  1. SkinGen Regular Product
  2. SkinGen Premium Product

So now, it’s time to explore the SkinGen Regular Vs. Premium Product and see what makes the two devices different.

The first thing you need to know is that both the devices have the same functionality. Both devices aim to remove your unwanted hair permanently. Also, both of these come with the same number of flashes and energy levels.

Warranty and Support

By now, you might be wondering that if the features and specifications are the same, then why two different products? That is where warranty and payment options step in to set the Regular and Premium Product apart.

If you are one of those people who find it hard to trust technology, then the SkinGen IPL Premium is made just for you!

The Regular Product comes with a week’s replacement warranty. But with the SkinGen Premium, you can claim your warranty for up to four months. 

Moreover, people with the Premium product get access to dedicated 24/7 assistance. So, in case you have a question about the device while using it at any hour, the Helpline and Support will be there for you!

Payment Options

Besides warranty, an additional payment method gives the Premium IPL Device edge over the Regular one. You can pay for the SkinGen IPL Regular Device via Cash on Delivery (COD) or bank transfer. 

Although the above payment options are available for both products, you get an additional payment method of installments with the Premium device. If you can’t pay for the device altogether, SkinGen offers a 4-months installment option on Premium Product via QisstPay.

All these installments are interest-free, and you can easily pay through your debit or credit card. 

Besides these differences, both the SkinGen IPL Regular and Premium come with a QR Warranty Card. You can scan to claim your warranty within 7 days (in case of the regular product) or 4 months (if you buy the premium product). 

For people who avoid online shopping, as the orders take forever to arrive, SkinGen will surely not disappoint. Once you place your order, you will receive your device within 24-48 hours with free delivery all across Pakistan! See Alternates


What makes the SkinGen IPL worth it?

IPL can seem intimidating, especially if you have no prior experience with laser treatments. However, the SkinGen IPL Laser is completely safe to use, FDA certified, and clinically proven for home use.

SkinGen takes pride in being the first IPL laser company in Pakistan, coming in line with competitor international IPL brands like Philips. Not only this, but SkinGen also brings IPL at an affordable-for-all price in contrast to other brands.

 Although SkinGen offers a permanent solution to unwanted body hair, you should not expect results overnight. It takes about four months before you can say goodbye to body hair forever.

All in all, just as all good things take time, the SkinGen IPL Laser also requires patience and consistency. In the end, the results (smooth, hairless skin) are worth the wait! 

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