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IPL Hair Removal Device: Why you should buy it.

f the constant struggle of dealing with unwanted leg and body hair has become a daunting task, then you are just in the right place. The idea of handheld devices that promise a long-term solution to hair removal and that too at home is no longer a dream. Devices like the SkinGen IPL Hair Removal Device are one such life-saver device.

Before we get into the details of what wonders the SkinGen device does, we will first dive deeper into laser hair removal treatment so you know what you are signing up for.

Laser Treatment Vs. IPL Hair Removal

Finding the perfect hair removal method can be a daunting process. Thankfully, laser hair removal is an excellent option for people who find shaving too time-consuming and waxing as too painful. 

Not only laser hair removal treatments take less time but also it is the only process with which you can expect permanent results

Moreover, laser hair removal is no longer for professionals. IPL hair removal has become mainstream as you can use modern technology to treat yourself with nearly painless and safe hair removal methods.

So how does laser hair removal work? There are two types of machines that you can find for home use, laser removal and IPL(Intense Pulsed Light).

The laser works by targeting melanin, the hair pigment that is present in your follicles,  while IPL is a more high-tech and advanced method. 

In addition, These handheld hair removal devices can permanently reduce fuzz permanently as they stunt hair growth and prevent regrowth.

How does IPL hair removal work?

Intense Pulsed Light is a broad spectrum that the device scatters across your skin to help in reducing hair growth permanently.

The device directs the light at the melanin(the pigment in your skin and hair), damaging the root and breaking the hair regrowth cycle.

However, you should not expect results overnight, but it will help prevent unwanted hair from growing back with frequent use.

The device stamps or glides on your skin by emitting light in parallel. Most of the IPL devices are safe to use on your body and face.

Furthermore, or areas of the body with large surfaces like legs, gliding is convenient. Pressing onto the skin or stamping is better for smaller surfaces where you require precision.

The IPL device is also less painless than other methods like waxing and epilation. 

Similarly,  like laser treatment, it destroys hair from the root, so you will need less treatment as time passes. In contrast, it is also generally a more cost-effective option than laser. 

IPL treatment results

The speed of results and intensity can vary for each individual, considering how IPL works on your skin.

Whatever you want to do with your body hair is completely your choice. But, if you search for the best at-home hair removal options, IPL is one of the methods our experts suggest.

Whether you are looking to save some money in the long run or if your regular salon is not open due to the Covid-19 concerns, your first instinct might be to click “add to cart” on the first IPL device you find online. However, it is slightly more complicated than that.

There is a reason why such hair removal methods require professional assistance and doing your research beforehand is the key if you want to see the actual results.

Hence, it is to avoid any discolouration or burns.  So, to make sure you make a better decision, after looking through thousands of IPL devices, we chose one of the best ones for you here below.

SkinGen IPL Hair Removal Device in Pakistan

If you have been in search of the best IPL device but couldn’t decide which one will suit best to your needs, then don’t worry. 

At last, your search for the best IPL Hair Laser Hair Removal ends here as the SkinGen IPL device is not only the best but also one of the most affordable options to consider.

What’s inside the box?

The SkinGen hair removal device comes with the following inside the box:

        UK charger


       SkinGen IPL device

       User Manual

       Protective Glass



Features of the SkinGen IPL laser device:

1.        999,999 Flashes

Where other devices have fewer flashes, the SkinGen IPL comes with 999,999 flashes, which is currently the highest value for any IPL device.

So, you will never need a replacement for your precious SkinGen device. Subsequently, the device includes the concept that the flashes can last for a lifetime, so you will never have to invest in a hair removal device again.

2.        IPL hair removal technology

The SkinGen device is easy and safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about exposing your skin to laser or light. Compared to regular shaving, plucking, or waxing, this device will change your life. 

IPL laser device is convenient and straightforward to use,. Also, with time, you will see a visible change in your hair growth.Thus, the SkinGen IPL will leave you with soft and smooth skin after each use.

3.        Permanent results

Shaving and waxing are temporary solutions to hair removal, and frequent trips to the salon are always not pleasant. 

So, how about a device that you can use within the comfort of your home? This is where the SkinGen device steps in and saves the day for you.

It is safe to use and also, unlike other methods, it is much quicker, so you don’t have to sit for hours. The light targets the hair on your skin and the hair growth cycle resulting in stunted hair growth after a few weeks of use. 

Although, hair growth varies for individuals, we recommend using the device for at least eight weeks to ensure that the hair is removed effectively during the growth period.


4.        Adjustable energy levels

SkinGen understands that not everyone has the same skin texture and hair growth, so the tolerance for each skin also varies. Besides, waxing or shaving might not be as painful, but it can be a nightmare for others.

Nevertheless, SkinGen comes with eight different energy levels that you can adjust according to your skin’s tolerance. 

This is to ensure you receive an easy-to-use and painless treatment without doing any damage to your skin. Accordingly,  the LED light on the device indicated the energy level.

5.        Variable modes

To deal with different parts of the skin, the SkinGen hair removal device has two different modes:

●           Automatic Mode

A long press activates the automatic mode or sliding mode with continuous and steady flashes. This mode is effective for larger areas of skin like your arms and legs.

●           Manual Mode

Likewise, for smaller parts of the body that require precision, the SkinGen device comes with a manual option. With this mode, you can remove hair selectively and freely from your skin. 

To activate the manual setting, you have to press the flash key once, and the device flashes one. The mode works effectively for smaller areas like the face or underarms.

6.        Simple and easy to use

You can choose from the lowest(1) to the highest energy level(upgrade from 5 to 8). However, the level you choose needs to be according to the needs of your skin. 

The higher the level, the greater strength is applied, and hair removal is done more effectively. Therefore, for first use, it is recommended for users to start with level 1.

You can switch from the manual to automatic mode after pressing the flash button for three seconds. The SkinGen hair removal device is gentle on the skin. You might feel a little heat, but the process is nearly painless.

A single button controls the power(on or off) and setting, making it simple for users. An indicator shows the intensity level on which you are to minimize the chances of making any mistakes.

How to use the SkinGen IPL hair removal device?

The Skingen IPL device does not work on dark skin. For IPL hair removal to work effectively, some hair is needed on the skin so the light can target it. So, it is best if you don’t epilate or wax before your session.

Being that, shaving is advisable, so the light directly affects hair in the follicle. Make sure you have short hair, as, on longer hair, there is the risk of skin burn by IPL.

Do not stare directly at the flash emitted by the device, as it can hurt your eyesight.  Seeing that, you can wear protective glasses that are included in the set to save your eyes from any damage.

Before using the SkinGen device, refer to the measurements provided in the measurement manual. A slight measurement error is allowable as long as it is within the normal range.

You must read the manual carefully and follow the instructions strictly to avoid any damage to the skin. Before starting the session, make sure your skin is clean, dry, and has no stains.

Warranty for the SkinGen IPL hair removal device

In case your device comes broken, damaged, has power issues, or the laser shots fail to work, you can claim the warranty within seven days of purchase. 

However, any claims saying that the device did not reduce growth will not be catered to. It is recommended to continuously use the SkinGen device for two months to see visible results.

You can also get a replacement or full refund on the following conditions:

The box and product are in original condition

The warranty claim and date of delivery are within the past seven days

The warranty number should match the detail, i.e., city, phone number, and address



Following are some of the frequently asked questions by users when using IPL devices like SkinGen for the first time.

     Are IPL devices safe to use?

IPL devices are safe to use if the device is from a reliable and trustworthy brand like SkinGen and the user follows the instructions as advised in the manual. 

Moreover, SkinGen is FDA certified and manufactured in the UK, so you can rely on the brand.

Some might experience side effects like redness or discomfort. Even so, if you feel any irritation on your skin, consult a medical professional immediately.


     Does IPL hair removal hurt?

The level of discomfort can vary for each individual. To illustrate, you might feel a slight tingly and hot sensation similar to that you feel after being flicked with an elastic band. 

But, since the process is quick, the pain, if any, does not last for a long time.

For sensitive skin, then the lower intensity will work fine for you. Besides, it is important to note that lower intensity is less effective in contrast to other levels, so, in this setting, you have to use the device for longer.

       Who can use the SkinGen IPL device?

The SkinGen IPL device is suitable for light to slightly dark skin and brown to black hair color(please refer to the website for more details). 

However, it is not suitable for darker skin tones. Typically, IPL devices work best for those with pale to medium skin tone with dark hair.


The SkinGen Hair Removal Device will revolutionize your way of hair removal. So, say goodbye to the traditional and painful methods of plucking, shaving, and waxing, as this IPL device is not only safe but also convenient, easy, and faster to use

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