IPL Laser Hair Removal: At Home Vs. Salon

One of the biggest perks of advancing technology like IPL at home is that we are becoming less and less dependent on professionals. For example, in former times where we had to head out to a salon to pamper ourselves, all of that can now be done at home!

DIY (do it yourself) devices are also a blessing in times like Covid, when people prefer staying at home instead of stepping out. So, now when nearly all salon-like treatments can be at home yourself. Here's the IPL Hair Removal Comparison this will leads to  why should hair removal remain out of the league?

Waxing and shaving at home is something we all are aware of as it is a part of our daily routine. But very few people know that IPL laser treatments can now be done at home too! 

This means that to get permanent hair removal, it’s no longer necessary to book salon appointments with weekly sittings, as, with devices like SkinGen IPL, you can do it yourself.

But one of the many concerns that people have is whether at-home IPL provides the same results as professional laser treatments? Are these devices safe, or are there any drawbacks? 

If these questions have been popping in our minds too before buying our device, this article has all the right info for you.

Differences between at home and Salon IPL Laser Hair Removal

Cost of treatment
Salon laser treatments

One of the primary reasons why people avoid laser hair removal treatment is their price. The truth is that salon treatments are expensive and are not affordable for all. But that doesn’t mean that all forms of IPL treatments are costly.

At-home IPL device

The at-home IPL Laser Devices like SkinGen are fairly cheaper. To be precise, the cost of the device is equivalent to nearly your yearly spending on waxing and shaving. Also, as a bonus, our device is a whole lot cheaper than the other popular IPL device brands! For more on what makes SkinGen IPL better than other IPL laser devices, check out this article.


In terms of ease and convenience, at-home IPL Laser again takes the lead. In contrast to salons that use bulky devices, it scales down to a small hand-held device at home. The device has simple control and is easy to use by everyone.

Long term investment
Salon laser treatments

Another factor that sets the salon and home IPL laser treatments apart are that with salon treatments, after a certain number of visits, your treatment is completed. However, permanent hair removal requires follow-up.

This is because IPL Laser works by targeting our hair follicles and destroying them. Even after all the hair follicles are destroyed after complete treatment, there are still chances of hair growing back from activation of dormant hair follicles.

At-home IPL device

Even if you take the best professional laser treatment, you can’t stop the hair from growing back months or years later. With an IPL laser device at home, you can easily zap the new hair


In terms of results, the best one would be the option that provides a long-lasting reduction of hair in the shortest time. 

 In IPL Hair Removal Comparison Both at-home and salon IPL treatments provide permanent hair removal, and there is no significant difference in results. However, the time that it takes to get rid of hair permanently can vary.

Salon laser treatments

The results of professional salon treatments last for many years to come. However, you might need top-ups every once in a while.

At-home IPL device

On the other hand, for at-home IPL treatments, the results are similar, but your hair grows back if you stop using it soon. This is why we recommend using the SkinGen IPL Laser Device twice a week for four months to get the best results.

With an at-home IPL laser device, regular tops provide long-lasting results and keep your skin hairless and smooth. Of course, over time, you will have to use the device less frequently as your hair growth stunts.

Pain Tolerance

One of the reasons why people prefer IPL over conventional hair removal methods is that IPL is nearly painless in contrast to the terrible pain of waxing and shaving.

Although the IPL laser is painless, the user still feels a zap on the target area, similar to a rubber band. The professional IPL Laser treatments work like a one-size-fits-all. The pain tolerance of each individual towards the zap of the IPL device can vary too. 

So, while one person got the best results from professional IPL treatment, it’s not necessary that it would work equally well for all. There are multiple factors like hair growth, hair pigmentation, and coarseness that vary for each individual.

With at-home IPL laser devices, you can pick the setting that fits well according to your hair type and growth. The device contains different settings, like the SkinGen IPL laser device comes with eight different levels.

Customization in settings allows us to pick the setting at which the pain is tolerable for us. After all, what is the point of using an IPL laser device if it is still painful, just like other hair removal methods?


This is the least discussed yet most important factor that comes into consideration when talking about hair removal.

Salon laser treatments

A lot of people are not comfortable having a stranger up close doing the treatment. Similarly, heading out to a salon is not a comfortable experience for all, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

At-home IPL device

However, with the IPL devices specially made for home, you can do the job yourself without professional assistance. The devices come with a complete manual on how to use the device and the safety precautions you must take. 

Or you can even ask a friend or someone you are comfortable with to do it for you and that too within the comfort of your home!

Bottom Line

All in all,IPL Hair Removal Comparison, then at home, IPL laser devices seem to take the lead. Devices like the SkinGen IPL laser device provide results you get at nearly five times the price at a laser salon. 

In conclusion, if you want to save time, money, and effort and want a solution for permanent hair removal at home, IPL devices like SkinGen IPL laser are the perfect pick for you.

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