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How Long Does IPL Hair Removal Lasts?

IPL hair removal offers permanent results, yet many dismiss it as "costly" or "overhyped." Explore this intriguing hair removal option.

Waking up every day for work and the first thought that pops in your mind is not “Time for a nice cup of coffee”.

Instead, it is “I need to shave my legs really quick!”. Due to our hectic everyday routine, taking out time for waxing and shaving can be quite a task.

Waxing and shaving not only consumes a lot of time but also our energy.

So, we can’t help but dream of having a permanent solution to the hassle of everyday hair removal.

Thankfully, due to the advancements in technology, our dream can become a reality with IPL hair removal. But question arises How Long IPL Lasts?


What is IPL hair removal?


Although we have seen this in detail in our other articles, here is a quick overview if you are unfamiliar with how IPL and the SkinGen IPL device work.

The device emits IPL (intense pulsed light) across the surface of your skin.

This light destroys your hair follicles in the growing stage. After consistent use, the IPL stunts the growth of hair. Moreover, the hair that grows back is weaker and thinner.

To know more details on how the IPL laser device works, check out this article.
What to expect from the IPL treatment?

Whether at salon or with an at-home IPL device, always wear dark glasses to shield your eyes from the rays.

Looking at the flashes from the device can damage your eyes.

Think of it as looking directly at the sun, not a good idea, right?

There is no significant difference between laser hair removal and IPL hair removal.

But there is a fine line between the light being used in both treatments.

The IPL hair removal uses a flashlight of different wavelengths, whereas laser hair removal uses light of a single wavelength.

However, in the end, the result is the same; your hair growth reduces permanently as the the device destroys the hair follicles.

How long does IPL hair removal last?

Shaving provides short-term smoothness, but within days, it's back to the razor.

The same applies to waxing. While IPL offers longer-lasting results by targeting hair from roots, waxing strips may still be needed in a few weeks.

Even if you use the best shaving razors or wax, the results only last for a short time. So, the question lands upon how are IPL hair removal devices different? and How Long IPL Lasts?

How long does IPL hair removal last

Results of IPL hair removal vs waxing and shaving

Now, there is one thing that you need to have clear in your mind.

IPL hair removal is no magic that works overnight, and poof, your hair is gone! In contrast, the process requires consistency before you can see permanent results.

Consistent weekly use for four months yields clinical laser-like results, ensuring smooth, hair-free skin. Stay committed to see the difference

IPL laser excels over in-salon treatments, offering affordability and convenience, making it the preferred choice for many.

Achieve hair-free skin in the comfort of your home, When need to go out every time to remove unwanted hair.

The benefit of IPL hair removal device

The perk that you can enjoy with an at-home IPL device is that you can target that remaining nine to ten percent that laser treatment might leave behind.

If you are entirely dependent on clinical laser treatments, spending thousands of rupees just to deal with those few stragglers doesn’t make sense. 

With your own at-home IPL device, you can use it whenever you want without having to worry about paying for another round to the salon. 

This is why many of our customers agree that at-home IPL is not only convenient and affordable, but it also has more effective results in contrast to clinical IPL treatments.

The benefit of IPL hair removal device

Frequency of treatment

 As we are disscussing about How Long IPL Lasts? When you are using an at-home IPL device instead of getting the treatment from the salon, you need to have a proper schedule that you can follow.

Next up, following this schedule religiously is the key to getting the best results from an at-home IPL device.

One of the primary reasons why people don’t get the best result from at-home devices is not that the devices don’t work but because they do a few treatments and then forget about it.

This puts all the effort you have done for the previous treatments down the drain.

Therefore, with an at-home IPL device, it is crucial to stick to the schedule of using the device for at least four months before you start seeing a noticeable difference in hair growth.

Since the at-home IPL devices are not as powerful as the in-salon laser treatments, you need to be more frequent with using the device. To put it in simple words, you must get the session done once a month in a salon, with at-home IPL, you will have to use the device once a week.

Are at-home IPL hair removal devices worth it?

Don’t worry if you are still unsure about whether IPL devices really provide permanent results or how they are beneficial in contrast to traditional hair removal methods.

Check out this article to know about all the benefits that at-home IPL hair removal devices have in store for you.See

Bottom line

All in all, it is safe to say that IPL hair removal can last you easily for a lifetime if you are consistent in the initial four to six months of the treatment. Once your hair growth is visibly reduced, you can use the device less frequently. With consistency being the key, you can permanently get rid of unwanted hair with IPL hair removal using the SkinGen IPL laser device.Hopefully you understand the How Long IPL Lasts.

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