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Introducing the Premium SkinGen ICE IPL Laser Device!

Nothing feels better than a drink on the rocks in the scorching heat of the summer. But not just drinks; we need a bit of that “cold” everywhere to survive the sun. So, what if we tell you we are bringing the same idea to our brand new SkinGen ICE IPL laser hair removal device?

Yes, you read it just right! We are finally expanding our family. After months of research and thought process, we are all set to introduce our ICE laser device. The device is the perfect solution for you to beat the heat and get rid of unwanted hair in the summer.

The first question that pops up in your mind must be, what exactly is the ICE feature we are bragging about? Is it worth paying a bit extra for this feature or not? Well, you need not worry. In this blog, we will be clearing away all your queries. 

The same goodness, with a cherry on top!

The problem

We at SkinGen believe that hair removal is an issue that is not commonly addressed in Pakistan. Therefore, we are constantly striving hard to expand and work on ideas that could cater well to the needs of Asian skin.

This brings us to a common skin problem that most of us have: sensitivity. Not everyone has rough and tough skin, so even the slightest changes can cost our skin a lot. For people with sensitive skin, waxing and shaving are a misery as they leave bumps and irritate the skin.

The problem

The solution: ICE feature

The IPL laser device targets melanin(hair pigment) and destroys hair follicles beneath. But a laser often tends to warm up the skin after you use the device on the target area.

Therefore, to deal with the post-laser warmth, we are introducing the cooling function in the device hence the name “ICE.” This is because you will feel an icy cool effect post-laser, preventing skin irritation. 


What’s New?

Is it the same good-old device with an additional icing feature? Or is there something else to be excited about too? It’s time to get an insight into the device’s features to find out! 

Exploring the SkinGen ICE IPL Laser Device Feature

Strong ICING Effect

Although laser is not even close to the pain of waxing, there is still a sensation that can vary for each individual. For people whose skin has low tolerance, it can be similar to the zap of a rubber band which might not be as pleasant.  

To eliminate any likely pain from the device, we are now introducing the ice cool feature to make it an entirely pleasant experience for you. Just as the device flashes on the target area, the skin is immediately cooled down by the cooling plate. The laser will likely heat the skin, and the ICE feature cancels it out, so you feel nothing. But in reality, the device just destroyed thousands of your hair follicles!


Replacement Heads

The one feature that our team is most excited about introducing(after the ICECOOL, of course) is the replacement heads. Our Regular SkinGen IPL Laser Device has a single head to treat all the areas. But behold, the new device now comes with two replacement heads!

The two replacement modes are: 

  1. Lip mode
  2. SR mode

The smaller head is ideal for dealing with small, sensitive areas of the skin, like your upper lips and facial hair. As these areas require precision to target each small hair, the lip mode is specially designed to cater to this. 

On the other hand, the SR mode works efficiently to remove hair permanently from the larger skin areas like arms and legs. It comes with a larger head so that more hair follicles are targeted in less time. 

Larger flash window

Since we were introducing a new device, our team thought, why not make it better in every way we can? Hence, the Premium SkinGen ICE IPL laser device will feature a larger flash window. 

Although our old device is just as effective, the larger size means that the device can reach a maximum energy of up to 20 J. In laser hair removal, the higher the energy, the more effective the treatment session is. 


Spin button

To keep up with the modern design and functionalities of at-home laser devices, the new SkinGen ICE IPL laser machine comes with a five-gear spin button. Instead of pressing the button repeatedly to increase the energy level, you can spin the button. 

This might sound like a standard feature but trust us when we say that using the device will now be easier than ever for you! You can switch between energy without any hassle by using the spin button. 


Benefits of the ICE feature in the Skingen ICE IPL laser device

Next up for the part, you must be curious to know: what are the benefits of the ICE feature over the regular SkinGen IPL Laser Device:

Efficiently works on sensitive skin

Often people are intimidated by the idea of using different hair removal methods on sensitive areas of skin like the underarms or the bikini line. This is because not everyone has the heart to endure the pain of waxing and shaving, which leaves bumps and redness.

The Premium SkinGen ICE IPL Laser Device will gently treat your sensitive area without leaving any marks. The advanced cooling plate is ideal for sensitive skin areas like the upper lips. Just as you glide the device across the skin, the ICECOOL technology will immediately cool down your skin, recovering from the laser’s heat. 


No prickly phase!

We know everyone hates that phase after waxing and shaving when your hair is growing back. All you feel on your skin is prickly hair that is not long enough to be removed and causes your skin to itch.

But what if we were told that our IPL laser device would help you never encounter that phase again? Sounds like a dream, right? But it is true! With the regular use of the SkinGen ICE  IPL laser device, you no longer have to endure the pain of itchy skin while waiting for the next hair removal session.

How is this possible? It is because you always have to shave your skin before using the device to ensure that the hair length is below 3 mm. The hair that grows back after using the device is weak and thin, unlike the thick, prickly hair that usually grows back.

Safe to use

Our device comes with special safety measures to ensure that the process is entirely safe for you at home. The device doesn’t emit any flash until your skin is in contact. This feature is essential in any at-home laser to protect your eyes against laser exposure. 

In addition, we have also included a pair of safety goggles in the box for the maximum safety of our beloved customers! 

The device is highly-functional and designed in a manner that both beginners and professionals can use with ease. So, even if you are just starting off with your laser hair removal journey, you need not to be nervous. The SkinGen laser hair removal device will make your first experience a breeze without seeking professional assistance. 

Try the SkinGen ICE IPL Laser Device Today!

We can’t wait for you all to try our new device and get permanent hair removal with a hassle-free experience. Stay tuned to our social media pages to stay updated about SkinGen ICECOOL IPL Laser Device release date and other dates. 

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