Philips Lumea Vs. SkinGen IPL : Battle of the Best

Are you confused about which IPL laser hair removal machine will cater well to your needs? To solve your problem, we are going to compare the best laser hair removal machines: Philips Lumea vs. SkinGen IPL

Unwanted body hair is a constant struggle for many of us. And what’s a greater struggle? It’s getting rid of this hair from your armpits, legs, arms, and whatnot.

Hair removal with waxing and shaving is a nightmare for many. Not only are these processes painful, but they also consume a reasonable amount of time before you are hairless. Well, temporarily. 

But all praises to the advent of technology, we now have hair removal machines that offer permanent and painless hair removal solutions. Yes, we are talking about the IPL hair removal devices

As a solution to shaving and depilatory creams, IPL devices are gaining popularity for long-lasting hair removal without the hassle.

The matter, however, again comes down to which IPL device is the best? The market is flooded with IPL devices, which makes choosing a suitable device for yourself quite challenging. 

We really wish that choosing an IPL laser device was as simple as heading out and picking the IPL device from the most well-reputed brand. But finding the best IPL laser device that suits well according to your needs has more to it.

But before we get into comparing these devices, let’s first look at how an IPL device functions. 

What is an IPL laser device?

The laser device scatters Intense Pulsed light (IPL) across your skin, destroying your hair follicles and permanently reducing hair growth.

The device targets the skin and hair pigment, melanin, damages your hair from the root and breaks your hair’s growth cycle. 

Although IPL offers a permanent solution to unwanted hair, you just cannot expect overnight results. The process does not work like “magic” but takes patience and consistency before you can be permanently hairless. 


Why should you invest in an IPL laser device like SkinGen/Philips Lumea?

The IPL hair laser removal devices like the SkinGen IPL laser device are too safe to use on your face, arms, bikini line, etc. The device glides or stamps smoothly across your skin by emitting light in the form of flashes.

Gliding the IPL device works well for larger body areas like legs or arms. While for areas that require precision, as your facial hair, you can use the stamping method.

IPL hair removal devices do not only claim but are actually a lot less painful than waxing or epilation. It works similar to other laser treatments by destroying hair from the roots.

With passing time, your hair will start to shed off as it becomes weaker, so you will feel less need to use the device. IPL is also generally a more cost-effective option than other laser treatments. 

To sum this up, if you are tired and want to upgrade from orthodox hair removal methods, IPL hair removal machines are worth trying. Also, what can be better than a hair removal method that you can use within the comfort of your home without having to make trips to the salon?

SkinGen Vs. Philips Lumea: Which IPL device is better? 

You can easily find plenty of IPL devices to choose from when you search online. But if you want to cut to the chase without having to explore many options, SkinGen and Philips Lumea will be your best bet.

Both SkinGen IPL and Philip Lumea utilize the IPL technology, and both these are arguably the best product of their kind in hair removal. The devices make the process of hair removal efficient, painless, and nearly effortless. 

The question again comes to which laser hair removal machine is best suited to your needs? We will leave this for you to decide as we compare the top-notch IPL devices below.


Both the devices have pleasant designs with an overall ergonomic look. The SkinGen device is more handheld and easier to carry in contrast to Philips Lumea.

Philips Lumea

The Lumea has a lilac finish giving it more of a feminine look. On the other hand, the


SkinGen IPL has a clear white finish which is great for those who don’t like bright colors on their devices. 

Both are sleek and super chic, with an attachment that works well on different body parts for hair removal.

The Philips Lumea 9000 Series comes with both cord and cordless options. So, you can use it anywhere with ease. The SkinGen device needs to be plugged in, which means you need to stay close to the socket. But this also means you won’t have to recharge it, which is a great option for people who forget to charge their devices!

Power Settings

Having a customizable experience is the first priority of every customer. After all, the IPL devices do not work like a one-size-fits-all. Both the SkinGen and Philips Lumea hair removal machines have adjustable settings for your skin needs.


However, in terms of the number of settings, SkinGen takes the lead. The SkinGen IPL laser device comes with eight energy levels that are adjustable according to your skin tolerance. 

The different settings mean you can choose the one that works painlessly without hurting your skin. The LED light on the device indicates the energy level you are on.

Philips Lumea

The Lumea has five energy levels, but here, the device automatically adjusts the setting according to your skin tone using its SenseIQ technology. The SenseIQ picks the light settings suitable for your complexion so you can get effective results with comfort. 

So, if power settings are in question, the SkinGen IPL wins, but both IPL devices make use of clever technology for you to choose the right setting.



The SkinGen IPL hair laser removal device has a single head that works on all body parts.

Philips Lumea

The Philips IPL comes with three heads for different parts of the body. There is a flat attachment for the upper lip, a curved attachment for the bikini, and a body attachment for larger areas like arms or legs.

Having more options is often confusing for many people. In terms of convenience, the SkinGen IPL device is easier to use as you won’t have to change the attachments to switch from arms to upper lips. 

The Philips Lumea is still an excellent option for those who prefer more precise coverage according to the hair removal needs of different body parts. 

So, you might get fewer options with SkinGen, but if you want more of a simple and straightforward hair removal machine that is not confusing to use, you won’t regret buying this one. 



Flashes and speed

Even with the best of devices, getting rid of unwanted hair can be quite a job. So as painless as the process of IPL, you would also want it to be faster right?

Philips Lumea

The Philips IPL claims to make your lower legs hairless in about 8.5 minutes.


With the SkinGen IPL, you can do it within 5 minutes as it has a large attachment.

Again, this depends on the individual, their hair thickness, and at what pace they use the device. 

Regardless, both models work efficiently at a reasonable speed. You can treat your underarms and facial areas in less than 2-3 minutes with any of these devices, which is great, right?

When it comes to flashes, the manufacturer claims that the Philips Lumea can produce 250,000 flashes, whereas the SkinGen IPL can produce 999,999 flashes. 

If you are looking for the best laser hair removal device that will last you for a lifetime, then SkinGen is worth buying. The Philips Lumea will last for a good 15 to 20 years but still has the chance of running out of flashes.


Devices like IPL are a long-term investment as initially they are expensive, but in the long run, they save a lot of money. For example, an IPL laser hair removal machine is cheaper in contrast to your lifetime spending over waxing, shaving, or depilatory creams.

Cheaper devices, in this case, are not an option as they come at the cost of efficiency and quality. When comparing SkinGen IPL with Philips Lumea, SkinGen has a clear upper edge in terms of affordability. 

Cost comparison of Philips Lumea with SkinGen IPL

The price of Philips IPL is nearly thrice that of the SkinGen IPL, and that is quite a lot! So, for people who want a more budget-friendly hair removal machine that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, SkinGen is the right choice.

SkinGen or Philips Lumea,which IPL hair removal device is the best?

Overall, Philips Lumea is a viable option for people who are more into tech-based devices as it comes with separate attachments and a cordless design.

On the other hand, if you prefer efficiency and longevity, then the SkinGen IPL is the best laser hair removal device for you. With more power settings and flashes, the device can promise you a lifetime of freedom from unwanted hair! 

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