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Laser Hair Removal Machine: Is It Worth Buying?

If we had to talk about one of our customers’ most frequently asked questions, it is mostly “is your laser hair removal machine worth buying?”.

The answer here can’t be yes or no. We are not just here to sell our device; we equally care about each customer who is investing their savings in buying it.

Hair growth is a natural process and varies for everyone. While some might have light, barely-visible hair, others can have thick, coarse hair that can be a menace to deal with it. So yes, laser hair removal machines are worth it, but the time it takes to see the results can differ for each individual.

Since we are not discussing a magical potion here and area targeting hair on roots, the process takes time. Team SkinGen advises the customers to use the device consistently for at least four months and twice a week. 

Now that we have a basic idea of what to expect with a laser hair removal machine, let’s look into the other factors: 

Is a laser hair removal device safe to use?

This is another of the most common queries of people getting laser hair removal for the first time, and that too by themselves. Laser hair removal is clinically proven to be a safe process for permanent hair removal. Moreover, our SkinGen IPL Laser Device has FDA certification and is clinically proven for laser hair removal at home.

Nonetheless, we can’t turn a blind eye to the safety concerns attached to the process. While our claims are specifically for our device, we can’t vouch for others. So, if you plan to invest in any other laser hair removal machine, make sure you invest in a well-reputed brand. We have reviewed some of the best-rated devices here that you can pick from. 

At-home laser hair removal machines are an excellent option for people who find it hard to be comfortable with someone else doing the hair removal for them! But the same safety concerns apply if you plan to get laser hair removal done professionally. Make sure that the practitioner is qualified and has the certification needed to perform the process. We don’t want you to end up getting burns and scars here and there on the skin to save a few bucks!

The benefits of IPL laser device 

The worth of any product is highly dependent on what benefits it has in store for us. Here are some of the benefits of the laser hair removal machine that make it a worth-it purchase:

Your hair would be gone away for weeks and months

For people who are fortunate and blessed with “good hair genes,” laser hair removal can last a lifetime. Of course, this is only after you have consistently completed the prescribed time of using the hair removal machine.

The results can also last for several months and years until the user starts experiencing hormonal imbalance. The imbalance can trigger hair growth. But this is where your laser hair removal machine will help. Instead of booking an appointment, you can take out your device and get right into laser hair removal without spending extra money! 

The two E’s: Efficient and Effective

Irrespective of how long it takes to get rid of hair permanently with a laser, you will at least get rid of one nuisance. You can say bye to shaving every day or waxing once a month to maintain hairless skin. 

You might need to use the device once or twice weekly for four or more months to enjoy permanent hair removal. This, again, depends on your hair type, color, and growth.


No need to remove hair daily!

Now, not everyone has the time and money to book salon appointments for waxing every week. So, most of us choose the relatively easier option, shaving daily. But of course, it is not so easy if you are running late for work in the morning and are still struggling to shave your arms! 

Another issue is that you can run out of waxing strips, razors, or shaving cream and get invited to a beach party! With a hair removal machine, you won’t have to worry about going out of stock. The device has enough flashes that will last you a lifetime. 

You can remove unwanted hair from anywhere

Shaving and waxing are not a major problem for many until it comes down to doing these hair removal methods on the smaller body parts. Not to forget the pain and the red bumps that follow a few days later. This is why most have limited their waxing/shaving to arms, legs, and underarms.

The good thing about laser hair removal machines is that you can use them everywhere on your body. For more details, see here. The laser painfully removes hair from all target areas while ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Save the money for later

Every month, we have to keep aside a portion of our salaries to get new shaving razors or waxing strips. While it doesn’t feel like a lot, if you make calculations for the entire year, it does make a handsome amount of money!

Laser hair removal machines are undoubtedly expensive initially as the devices are not cheap. We have tried to make our IPL laser device budget-friendly for everyone. Investing once in a laser hair removal machine will work as a one-time investment in the long run. 

No more emergency trips to the salon

Do you remember a time when you had a special event coming up and had to rush to the salon for waxing? We feel your pain. Going to the salon dedicatedly every month means you have to take time for it, which is not possible for everyone. Let’s do some quick calculations. Shaving twice a week and spending about 15 minutes on each session takes 45 minutes a week. The minutes might sound less, but in a year, that means you are spending more than a day shaving. And if you have been shaving for 25 years, you have spent about 40 days of your life only removing hair. That’s a lot, right? This time excluded the one you spend scratching your arms and legs after the hair starts showing a day or two later. 

On the brighter side, laser hair removal takes about 5 minutes to treat the small areas, and the larger areas, like legs, take only 15 minutes. Also, you need to use the device only once or twice a week, and after four months, not at all! 

No need to grow your hair out

For shaving and waxing to work, you need some hair to grow back before you can do the method again. For example, for waxing, your hair has to be 0.25 inches long before you can do it again. This means going for days with hair peaking as the wax needs some hair to hold on to and remove. 

With laser hair removal, you can shave before you plan to use the device. The hair doesn’t have to be visible or of any length, it just needs to be in the active growth phase. The laser can then effectively target the hair follicles and destroy hair from the roots.

Adios, red bumps, and pimples

The one truth we all have come to terms with is that the good-old hair removal methods are painful. Not just the pain but also everyone has different skin types. For this reason, some people can’t shave due to sensitive skin. 

Even if you successfully wax or shave, the irritating red bumps start to show up a few days later. It’s very hard to control the urge to scratch your skin after the prickly hair becomes visible. 

Laser hair removal machines like SkinGen are FDA-approved so you won’t have to worry about any significant side effects. It gently targets your hair without causing any pain or post-laser pitfalls. The feeling is similar to that of a slight rubber band zap, and the redness goes away easily. 

But are there any cons?

Although there are no major side effects of using laser hair removal machines, there are still some things you should be aware of beforehand.

Irritation and redness

Since a laser damages your hair follicles lying underneath, your body tends to react to it. As a result, many users experience irritation and redness in the treatment areas. Your skin might feel tender with visible swelling.

Thankfully, unlike shaving, these effects are short-lived and go away easily. You can use a numbing cream before using the hair removal machine to reduce the impact. The irritation goes away naturally in a few hours, while you can use an ice pack to calm down the redness. 

Changes in skin tone

The effect is rare, but some people experience a change in the skin tone of the target area. The skin can get light or darker, contrasting to your actual complexion. Again, the change is short-lived, and your skin returns to its normal complexion. 

The process takes commitment

If you have a cupboard full of unused beauty products because you would use them “later,” we want you to commit before buying. Yes, laser hair removal does offer permanent results, but it is a two-way process. 

To get the benefits out of the hair removal machine, you need to use it consistently for a minimum of four months. In contrast to the professional laser, you would have to commit more to an at-home device. 

Is using a laser hair removal machine painful?

As we saw above, the painless feature is that laser hair removal is much better than traditional hair removal methods. Your skin becomes red and tender, which is similar to how your skin is after a sunburn. But if we had to talk about the process, it’s not even a bit close to the pain of waxing and shaving. Laser hair removal machines are painless, and it only feels like someone has gently zapped with a rubber band. 

Is the hair removal machine suitable for all skin tones?

The answer entirely depends on the hair removal machine you plan to buy. Every device currently on the market has a different skin tone range for treatment. So, we suggest that before you buy, you should consult with the company selling the device. This is to ensure that your skin tone qualifies for the process before buying it.

Some laser hair removal devices are not compatible with dark skin tones. But that doesn’t mean laser hair removal is not an option for people with a dark complexion. For more information on this, read here. 

Is it worth getting laser hair removal?

Our verdict is yes, it indeed is. While the device does cost you a pretty penny, comparing the cost to the time and effort you will be saving is much less. Whether you want to get laser done professionally or buy an at-home device is entirely your choice.

Nevertheless, the SkinGen IPL laser device provides you salon-like results at home. So, you can get rid of unwanted hair permanently within the comfort of your home and at half the cost of professional laser treatments. That sounds like a great deal, right? 


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