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Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin

Suppose this topic was in question a few years ago. In that case, you might face disappointment to know that laser hair removal for dark skin is not a possibility!

But if everyone is enjoying the perks of a painless, permanent hair removal method, why should people of colour suffer from the pain of waxing?

Thankfully, due to advancing technology along with more and more research on laser hair removal, it is now possible for people with dark skin to get it done. It sounds like great news for Asian skin tones, or should we say “brown people”!

However, certain laser hair removal technologies work well for dark skin tones, while others remain ineffective. The key here is to know that the device you plan to use is the one your skin tone needs.

But you need to worry as we are here with the “A-Z Guide” about laser hair removal for dark complexion. So look no further and dive in as we take you on this melanin-rich journey with us!

The basics

What is laser hair removal?

Although we have discussed this in our previous blogs, we will still give you an insight into the process. 

Laser Hair Removal uses highly concentrated light on the skin where the light beams destroy hair follicles. The pigment in our hair absorbs the light, which destroys our hair.

One of the latest methods introduced is IPL Laser technology. You can do it yourself with at-home devices like the SkinGen IPL laser device.

IPL Laser Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light is a broad spectrum scattered across your skin through the device to help reduce hair growth permanently. 

The device directs the light at the melanin (the pigment that gives your skin or hair its color). It then damages the root and breaks the hair regrowth cycle. 

You should not expect results overnight, but it will help prevent unwanted hair from growing back with frequent use.

Most IPL devices are safe to use on your body and face. The device stamps or glides on your skin by emitting light in parallel. For body areas with large surfaces like legs, gliding is convenient. Pressing onto the skin or stamping is better for smaller surfaces where you require precision.

Laser is also less painless than other methods like waxing and epilation. It destroys hair from the root, so you will need less treatment as time passes. IPL laser is generally a more cost-effective option than the standard laser hair removal. 

The speed of results and intensity can vary for each individual, considering how IPL works on your skin.

Whatever you want to do with your body hair is entirely your choice. Still, if you search for the best at-home hair removal options, laser hair removal is what we would suggest.

But is IPL laser hair removal safe for me?

We hate to break the news to you, but no. IPL is not the one you should opt for if you plan to get laser hair removal for dark skin tone. This is because IPL mainly targets the dark pigment of your hair. 

It becomes hard to differentiate between the two with a dark complexion and dark hair. However, you can check your device’s hair-to-skin color compatibility to see if there is any luck. For example, the SkinGen IPL laser device is effective for the following skin tones and hair colors: 

Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin

Which method of laser hair removal is suitable for dark skin?

Once IPL is out of the game, the next question is which laser hair removal method works for dark skin. Or were we just giving you fake expectations in the beginning? No, we were not! 

Currently, there are two types of laser that work for dark skin tone and dark hair:

  1. Nd: YAG Laser
  2. Diode Laser

Nd: YAG Laser 

In recent years, the first one has become more and more popular. According to experts, the wavelength of the YAG laser tends to bypass the melanin in your skin which is just what we need! So, this also means that it has little to do with the pigmentation of your skin. 

The reason for its increasing popularity is that the wavelength of the YAG laser seeps deeper into your skin in comparison to the diode laser. This makes it the safest option for brown to dark skin. YAG also works well for people with a light complexion. You know, the ones who just got a tan from a sunny day at the beach!


Nonetheless, the diode laser hair removal method has its own perks that we certainly can’t turn a blind eye to. It might be slightly more complicated for people who lie above a four on the skin type measure, also as the Fitzpatrick scale. 

People with type 1 have the least melanin and most sun-sensitive skin on the scale. Therefore, the higher the scale, the darker the skin tone. Although diodes work well for both skin tones, the way of delivering the laser is what sets them apart. 

 In people with darker skin tones, the laser energy of the diode transmits in shorter pulses, so it allows time for the skin to cool down. An instant cooling device works parallel to protect the skin pigment against damage and overheating. 

Although laser hair removal is not painful in contrast to the nightmare of waxing, according to dermatologists, diodes are known to be the least painful out of all. So people getting diode laser hair removal for dark skin are in luck!

Pre and Post Care of laser hair removal for dark skin

How to prepare for your laser hair removal treatment?

Are you all set and excited to permanently get rid of unwanted hair and say goodbye to waxing strips? Great! There are certain things you need to have in mind before getting your laser hair removal to avoid any possible side effects. 

Shave the target area

The first and foremost step to prepare for using your IPL Laser Device or getting your laser treatment is to shave the area to be treated. You can shave it with a regular razor to get 1-2 days of stubble. Waxing or plucking is not recommendable as it removes hair from the roots.

You might be wondering that shaving and waxing are nearly the same, so what’s the difference? 

For laser treatment to work effectively, some hair should be visible so that the laser light can target and destroy it. Hence, the hair follicles should be visible for an IPL device to work effectively. But ensure that the hair is no longer as it can be painful. 

Make sure you stop plucking and waxing your hair at least two to three weeks before using your laser hair removal machine. You can also shave between the sessions to keep any hair from growing. As effective as shaving is for IPL, waxing and plucking can have the opposite reaction. 

You should also avoid bleaching your hair as it also concerns changing your original hair color.

What to do after your laser treatment?

Once you are done with the process, there are still teeny weeny tips to have on your fingertips to make you get the best results in no time!

Apply a cool compress

After the laser treatment or facial hair removal, in particular, your skin can become sensitive. So, you can use a soft cloth, wet it with cool water, and apply it to the treated area for several minutes. 

Although a diode laser is paired with a cooling device, you can also use a cool compress to reduce any pain or swelling if you opt for any other method. It will give you a calm and cool feeling, you can thank us later!

Avoid chemicals

What exactly do we mean by chemicals here? Chemicals can be in any form, like makeup, deodorants, etc. If you use the SkinGen IPL Laser Hair Removal Device for facial hair removal, you can use mineral makeup if needed within 48 hours. But, you should not use other cosmetics until your skin has healed. 

The same rule applies to deodorants as they can irritate the skin. So, try to stay away from deodorants for at least three days. You can still shower, though! Nevertheless, extremely hot showers or baths are not advisable. 

You might experience itching as it is not uncommon but try not to scratch the target area as it can lead to scarring. And we surely don’t want that after investing in an expensive device like the Philips Lumea Prestige. 

Nonetheless, if you are in search of affordable options for lighter complexion, the SkinGen IPL Laser Device will surely not disappoint.

For detailed information on pre and post-care laser hair removal, check out this article!

The other side

Now that we have explored the bright side of laser hair removal for dark skin, let’s now move to the other side, so you are prepared for everything beforehand. 

Are there any side effects of getting laser hair removal for dark skin?

It is essential to consult with a qualified dermatologist before getting laser hair removal done to ensure that there are no possible side effects for your skin. You might ask for recommendations on which laser method is the one that would provide the best results on your skin tone.

The most commonly-known laser-related drawback for melanin-rich skin is hyperpigmentation or dark spots. In this case, your skin pigment lightens but in the form of small spots in particular areas. 

Hyperpigmentation can be a misery to deal with, so it is better to get a patch test done by your laser hair removal specialist before getting it done on your entire body. A patch test will keep you on the safe side and ensure that you pick the suitable laser hair removal method. 

Are you a good candidate for laser hair removal?

Before you get right into spending a hefty amount on laser hair removal for dark skin, it is crucial to find out if you are really eligible to get the treatment or not. According to experts, you can get permanent hair removal done regardless of how much melanin your skin has.

But you might be wondering who the ideal candidates are? People with thick, dark, and coarse hair usually get the best results in a shorter time span because the laser easily picks up the hair and zaps it!

People with black and dark hair get to see the best results with laser hair removal. If you have gray, white, or light brown hair, unfortunately, you might not be the best candidate for the entire process. Why, you may ask? It is as if the laser will struggle to detect the melanin of your hair follicles. 

For most people, laser hair removal is a win-win situation and a blessing in disguise if you have suffered for years from the pain of waxing and shaving. However, particular areas are not as easy to treat, like the upper lips region, as they have finer hair. 

Bottom Line

To conclude, just because you have dark skin tone, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the perks of permanent hair removal methods like laser. 

All you need is good research that we have already done for you above and proper consultation from your dermatologist to ensure that you get the best results from laser hair removal for dark skin! Click

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